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Get a great price BEFORE government incentives.

We created glass to help others get affordable solar energy in Utah. This is merely one of the great reasons to work with glass.


Our systems come with a 25 year manufacturer warranty to give you complete peace of mind.  If you ever have an issue we will give you a direct number for instant help. 

Pay for the System, NOT per watt

You don’t need to pay per watt of electricity in order to have an awesome system. In fact, we’ll get you a system with more power, with less cost. This will not only save you on the equipment, but every month moving forward.

Local Company

Glass was created by Utah locals. For Utahns, by Utahns. We not only want to get you a great deal on solar, but transform the wonderful state we live in.  So when people ask about the best solar company in Utah, you already know the answer. Local company = Better price

Great price BEFORE incentives, not after

We believe you can get a great deal AND still get great tax incentives. Government incentives should be the cherry on top, NOT required to get an affordable system.

Pick What You Want

We believe that you should be able to pick the equipment you want. We will walk you through the park to ensure you know and understand your options.

Own your system

We believe the solar equipment you paid for should be yours, just like the electricity you generate with them.You will be able to monitor your system through your phone and computer.  No leasing contracts or renting equipment necessary.  

Ever noticed how drastic solar price differences are from company to company?

How far $10,000 will get you with the other guys


How far $10,000 will take you with us


*Estimate based off of a 5kw system.

Solar energy is changing the face of the planet. Literally.

Our goal is to give you the best price every time!

Self Reliance

Solar is a great way to become independent and prepared for any issue that might arise.  Avoid inflation and emergencies with the security of solar panels.

Don’t pay for power, invest in your future

With the advances in technology, solar panels have drastically improved. Feel peace of mind knowing your energy investment will last you a long time. All of our panels are guaranteed for to produce at least 80% efficiency after 25 years.

Clean Energy

Utah is heavily reliant on coal for it’s energy.  Burning coal increases the amount of air pollution in our valleys.  Do your part and rely more on a renewable energy source.  Solar in Utah is critical as it allows us all to participate in cleaning the air in our great state.

Inflation Proof

A variety of companies are offering a locked rate, inflation proof program.  If your electric company allowed you to pay 10 years of your electricity up front and then you wouldn’t have to pay again for the next 25 years, would you do it?  If yes, get solar.

Save Monthly

Save money right away with solar.  Our initial price will allow you to pay less than your current monthly bill.  We don’t inflate our prices and then show you how you will save.  We will help you save on day one.

Governmental Incentives

Our pricing goals are to give you a great price before the government chips in their incentives.  These incentives provide even more reasons to get solar.  Federal and State programs allow a tax credit that will save you even more money and allow you to pay off your system even faster.

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